The-LittleGym_Chiswick_MarleneTracie-web2Marlene Welburn & Tracie Kinsey


Happy 10th birthday to us!

We opened The Little Gym Chiswick in 2007. Ten years on, some of those first members less than a year old back then are still coming to class, along with more than 1000 children, every week.  We are proud and grateful to all our members. Thank you.

In 2008, I met Marlene. Marlene was the Gym Director at The Little Gym Hampton Hill. She was passionate about child development and had started her own children’s sports development programme, Super Kids, in South Africa before moving to the UK.

Marlene was a national hurdler in South Africa and a bit of a sports celebrity in her home town. She told stories of her mother looking for her in the supermarket as a child, and finding Marlene cartwheeling down the aisles.

Marlene wanted to have her own The Little Gym franchise, and I wanted to help unleash all that passion and potential. In 2012, Marlene joined me as partner of The Little Gym Chiswick – and it was the best decision I could have made.

Today, more than 1,000 children join us at The Little Gym Chiswick each week. Some are natural athletes, and some haven’t found their sports ‘zen’ yet. But they all leave our gym feeling loved, boosted, and brimming with confidence.

And they all have something else in common – they have no idea they are learning so many critical social, emotional and motor skills while they’re grinning in our gym. Skills that will last them a lifetime. The back flips, somersaults, and feeling of their little feet flying through the air are a bonus!

Many parents tell us that The Little Gym has been truly life changing for their families. One father recently shared that his daughter, who is never chosen for school sports, has finally found a place where she is chosen, wanted, appreciated and able to live her passion for sport without judgement.

We are so incredibly lucky to work and play with our little members each day. We love seeing their confidence blossom as they learn new skills with our talented and playful team of instructors.

And not a day goes by that they don’t have us in stitches – whether it is the eight-year-old boy that is convinced Teacher Rosie is his girlfriend, or the three-year-old girl whose favourite vegetable is sausage!

Tracie and Marlene
Owners – The Little Gym Chiswick