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Bare Feet are Happy Feet


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We know at The Little Gym Chiswick how important it is for children to be barefoot, aiding strong and healthy foot development. 


Did you know a child’s foot actually contains no bones at all but consists of cartilage. This mass of cartilage ossifies (strengthening) to become all 26 bones of our adult feet. This process is only complete in their late teens.


You may have also noticed that babies are born with a pad of fat in the arches of their feet, which makes them look flat footed. The leg and foot muscles are not yet strong enough to properly support their arches when they begin to stand. By the ages of 2 to 3 the arch has usually begun to develop.



How can movement and bare footing help?



From their first step to their cartwheels, our feet take responsibility of carrying all of life’s adventures. The more movement and ideally the more barefoot we can be, the more we can strengthen the muscles and help to build our bone density through weight bearing activities. 



We know as soon as the shoes and socks are put on, they come straight back off! We may think its a cry for attention or rebelling from being told what to do but children love the freedom and the comfort of being barefoot.  This also allows the child to observe their toes and see the movement their feet can do, therefore helping develop their body awareness. 



Movement is highly beneficial for the growth of strong and healthy feet. Barefooting allows the children to have a better grasp on the floor as they feel the floor temperature, materials and all different kinds of textures beneath their feet during motion. It provides stability and spatial awareness to manipulate their body around obstacles to avoid tripping or falling. 



Movement is also vital in helping the arch develop therefore it can function properly. The arch of the foot is designed to bare all weight from the human body as well as absorbing all stresses that is placed on us from day to day. Without the arch this can cause negative effects on the biomechanics of our bodies.



A The Little Gym Chiswick we encourage all of our children to be bare foot in the gym not only to prevent slipping on the equipment but also so that they can benefit from all of these amazing stimuli!

Ever wondered about Essential Oils and how they can benefit your family?



Here at The Little Gym Chiswick we are always looking for ways to improve wellbeing and share interesting and helpful tools to boost everyday life!


Our good friend and Essential Oils guru Tara has recently been able to share with us her amazing knowledge all about how Essential Oils can benefit adults and children alike. She has very kindly shared with us this blog post to let our larger TLG Chiswick family know all about our exciting Essential Oils Week that is coming up in December 2018!


"Have you ever tried using essential oils as a natural way to treat your family?


Did you know that they are powerful tools for young children and adults alike, and can be used both topically and internally as well as aromatically as a way to support and fortify the body and mind. 


The research and information available to us these days is showing more and more evidence that these pure plant elixirs are very effective and can be used in a myriad of ways to create sustained health and wellbeing.  From supporting the emotions, to soothing an upset stomach, they are incredible natural solutions that are easy to use for the whole family.  


We are super excited to be hosting a whole week of essential oil classes and workshops during the first week of December with Tara Walsh, a yoga teacher and essential oils educator.  While being based in Barcelona, she regularly travels to Madrid, London and beyond to educate mums and dads, healthcare professionals and therapists about how to use these potent plant remedies.  She will be with us for the whole week from Monday 3rd December to Friday 7th, helping you to understand how you can use these alternative solutions to resolve almost 80% of your healthcare needs."


Tara will be popping in to the gym throughout the whole week and is excited to be attending our Tumble & Tea sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But keep an eye out, as she will also be around in our downstairs lobby during our other classes throughout the days. Come and have a chat with her over a cup of tea!


So make sure you pop the dates in your diary!

For any questions please email us here at or call 02089943729

Parent Involvement Fun!



Next Week at The Little Gym Chiswick we are having a Parent Involvement week in all of our Pre-School and Primary School classes (ages 3-12). How exciting!



This means that in the last 10-15 minutes of each class we will be inviting the parents and grownups into the gym to join in with a fun learning activity with their children.



This comes in the form of a fun skill workshop!



In our last learning unit Parent Involvement week we helped our Pre-school parents understand how we teach a forward roll here at The Little Gym and why each step is very important to get that perfect roll! We also then showed them how to help their little ones when performing this skill. Likewise, in our Primary school classes we did a very similar fun and educational workshop, but for them it was all about Handstands!



At The Little Gym Chiswick we pride ourselves on our purpose built gym with an entire wall of windows for our grownups and parents to peak into class. However, you only get a little glimpse into our The Little Gym classes from watching through the windows. Coming into the gym allows the adults to soak up the positive atmosphere, get physical and creative with their littles ones and most importantly experience the teacher role from a first person perspective. How we spot, how we teach progressions and how we engage the children in all their adventures and gymnastics skills in a nurturing way.



We love to give parents the confidence and knowledge to help their children at home with skill growth. We know that many children want to roll, flip and handstand all over the house or garden when they are at home, so activities like this help give our families a little bit of experience when it comes to spotting a skill so that they can offer some help and guidance in between their The Little Gym classes!


Next week in our Parent Involvement activities we will be delving into some Monkey Jumps and Cartwheels for our Pre-School classes (ages 3-5) and some powerful vaulting skills for our Primary School classes (6-12).



We can’t wait to have some #seriousfun with you all!


Not Enrolled? Call now on 02089943729 or email

Christmas Camps are here!



That time of year has come around again fast, and we’re excited!


Christmas is on its way, and boy have we got some exciting plans here at The Little Gym Chiswick just for you. Between Christmas Camps, Practise Time sessions, Tumble & Tea parties and Christmas Classes we’ve got your winter break all covered this year.



During the school holidays, rain or shine, The Little Gym camps combine fun, sport, creative activities and learning to keep your kids active, entertained and laughing. All while carefully developing their minds, bodies and self-confidence. Children love them!


With special themed activities that change every camp, the adventure is new and fun every camp you attend.


Camps run upstairs and downstairs so that children of different ages and with different interests can attend at the same time. Choose between Gymnastics, Karate and Dance with options for 3-8 years and 5-12 years. As usual, all-day campers are treated to a home cooked lunch, on us!


This year Christmas Camps will be running all through the winter break and even into the New Year. Dates are as follows:


17th - 21st December (All day)
24th December (Morning only)
27th - 28th December (Morning only)
31st December (Morning and Lunch)
2nd - 3rd January 2019 (All day)
4th January (Morning only)


Book now to avoid disappointment!

Members Camp - £42

Non-Members Camp - £48

Members Lunch Club - £15

Non-Members Lunch Club - £18

Stay all day and lunch is on us!


**MEMBER NOVEMBER OFFER - Buy 2 camps and get the 3rd half price!**
(offer ends November 30th 2018)


Practise Time

These sessions are available complimentary to anyone who comes to classes for age groups 3 and upwards and has a membership with us. These are 45 minute sessions designed to offer your little one extra time outside of classes to practise their skills. These sessions are supervised by an instructor but not as structured as our regular classes.They have been hugely successful so far so we’re excited to offer them again this Christmas! This gives our little gymnasts more opportunities to repeatedly practise skills, because we believe that practice makes better!


Dates for Practise time sessions are:


17th - 20th December  (3-5yrs 2:30pm) (6-12yrs 4:45pm)
22nd December (3-5yrs 12pm)
3rd January 2019 (3-5yrs 10am) (6-12yrs 11am)

Spaces for these sessions are limited so be sure to book in advance!


Tumble & Tea

These classes happen on a few dates throughout the Christmas break. Tumble and Tea gives you more opportunities for developmental play and is even more fun that makes your membership at our The Little Gym the best value yet.  We are thrilled to give you more reasons to come to our gym throughout the holidays. Members enrolled in classes with have access to unlimited complimentary Tumble & Tea sessions!


This Christmas Tumble & Tea sessions will be 2 hours long,they include supervised free play in the gym, refreshments in the lobby PLUS special invites and opportunities for child development/parenting experts to chat to us. We’ve even booked one in for a Saturday for our working parents or grandparents who want to come along too!


As it is Christmas time we would love to see your little one and you all dressed up for the season, as you can guarantee our instructors and our gym will be too!


Dates for Christmas Tumble & Tea sessions are:

Tuesday 18th December 2-4pm *Special Christmas Session, dress up is of course essential and there will be plenty of special activities and treats too!*
Saturday 22nd December 10-12pm
Wednesday 2nd January 2019 10-12pm



During the break from our normal schedule we will be running a few extra classes for ages 5 and under...


For our under 3’s we have classes running 17th-21st December, and for 3-5’s on the 22nd December!


This is a brilliant chance to use any make up sessions you may have accrued over the past few weeks, or to just drop in for an extra fun christmas class!


Drop in classes - £25 per class



The team here is all very excited for the Christmas season to begin and can’t wait to get involved in the fun!!


Call 02089943728 or email to BOOK NOW!


Be sure to keep updated on our social media pages, as we will be announcing any updates or changes to the schedule there!


Happy Handstands!



Vestibular System and Balance



Can you imagine reading a book on a tightrope, or eating your dinner on an exercise ball? You would be too worried about trying to balance and not fall off rather than on the task.


How comes its difficult for children to sit still? Why are they fidgeting in classrooms or at the dinner table?


When we’re about to trip or fall, how comes adults place their hands in front of them and children sometimes don’t?


All these questions come back to one thing… our VESTIBULAR SENSE and how we now have matured ours as adults.



Growing up as children we can’t learn how to sit still by sitting still or inherit good balance from our parents. These skills that we need in our daily lives are learnt and the best way to learn is through movement.


Our vestibular system is centered in our inner ear and is referred to like a spirit level. The fluid in our ears detect whether the body is upside down, standing, sitting, spinning etc by recognising the changes in gravity. Once the brain has information of the body’s orientation, our vestibular system works with other senses to alert the brain on what it needs to concentrate on the most to perform that particular skill.


This system controls five aspects in our daily lives; posture, balance, alertness, concentration, and stillness. This is why most adults have mastered the skill of sitting still. As well as having developed our core strength, our vestibular systems are well oiled machines with plenty of movement experiences to refer to therefore our brain and body can automatically perform the task whilst still having enough brain power to take on more information.


Now think about your time sitting at your school desk and how much information we had to take in.  


Without a strong vestibular system, are our children ready to sit at school desks and take on the world of education?


What can we do to help?


We know movement is one of the top priorities in the brain. Every move, new experience, repetition, sensory output and input create neural pathways in the brain that will be set for life. Not only do these pathways mould how our children think and learn, but it it will shape who they become.  


The Little Gym Chiswick takes every opportunity to provide children from as young as 4 months old to explore their movement and allow them to build the strength and confidence they need to take risks in a safe and nurturing environment.

Practice Time Success!



Practice makes better!


We are pleased to say that our NEW Practice time sessions that we have started running in the recent October half term have been a huge success and we will be continuing them in all of our future class breaks. 


We have had lovely feedback from many members letting us know how valuable the extra few hours in the gym have been for their children over the class break.


Here is a beautiful message we received from a much loved member Vanessa this week:


"Dearest Marlene,


I wanted to say a huge thank you for making the 'practice sessions' available this half term. 


Firstly my boys absolutely enjoyed the freedom of being in the gym without the usual structured lesson, having fun practising their favourite skills but secondly and more importantly it noticeably helped Harrison in particular progress in just four consecutive days consolidating what he usually does just once a week. 

Specifically Harrison's cartwheels and handstands improved. I was so excited by his cartwheel on Wednesday (first time EVER with straight legs) that I burst into the gym to congratulate him! These 4 extra sessions really boosted his confidence too. 


It was hugely successful and selfishly I hope you may decide to do these again in the future school holidays? 


Please pass on my appreciation to your team, they were brilliant, supportive and fun as always. 


Kindest regards, 
Vanessa x


Practice Time sessions will continue to be available for our members aged 3-12 years old during our half term breaks and school holidays. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updated timetables and dates for when these sessions will be taking place!


Wear it Pink 2018!



This year on our The Little Gym Chiswick calendar, we supported and hosted our very own #WEAR IT PINK fundraiser for Breast Cancer Now!


It was a great success and our sweet treats sale, brightly pink attire and generous donations from our members totalled a whopping £215.50. As well as raising money; love, support and stories were shared with open hearts.


Why we wore it pink?


The more awareness we raise, the more encouragement we give to woman and even men to make checking themselves part of their daily routine. We know of many people affected by cancer within our The Little Gym Chiswick family and want to give back to the amazing research that is done daily!


For any further information...

If you wish to join this fantastic cause for next year or just want more detail about the Breast Cancer Now Team then check out their website at;

Did you know about our propreoceptive sense?



Here in The Little Gym Chiswick we are finishing up our first Learning unit of the season all about our Propreoceptive sense. Each week we have been focusing on a different aspect of this and communicating the importance of all types of sensory input to our members of all ages!


What is Proprioception?
'In the simplest terms, proprioception is our body’s ability to know where it is at any given time (otherwise called body awareness). And just like we see through receptors called our eyes, with proprioception, we know where our body is because of receptors that run all through our muscles and joints.  Our vision is stimulated by bright lights or moving objects, and proprioception is stimulated by pressure to the receptors all throughout our body.  Anytime we squeeze through a tight space, hug someone, or jump up and down we are getting proprioceptive input.'


Proprioceptive activities are one of our favorite types of sensory input because they can be used to help calm, focus, or even alert a child. Our proprioceptive sense really is that powerful and amazing! But, this isn’t a once size fits all situation. It may surprise you to learn that there are many different types of proprioceptive activities that can all have different affects, and when you learn what they are and when to offer them… well, it can be a game changer in your child’s behaviors, attention, and ability to sleep!


Did you know proprioceptive seekers are constantly doing things like:

  • Chewing on everything
    Hiding in tight spots
    Love heavy blankets
    Playing rough
    Crash into things on purpose
    Always try to jump on the couch or bed
    Be described as very physical or “wild”
    Over-step personal boundaries
    Hold onto writing utensils tightly
  • High-fives as hard as possible is a big one we see here every day!

For an amazing article that we love about why propreoception matters for our children have a look here...


Part of what’s so incredible about proprioceptive activities is that some of them can be used so fast and require no special toys or equipment. Just patting a dog can help teach a child about how much pressure to use with their hands in that situation. On the other hand, whilst in the gym we are lucky to have the most amazing equipment to aid our children in finding out all about their bodies through movement and gymnastics. For example, just like patting a dog helps a child know how gentle they can use their hands, learning a handstand can teach them how forceful they can use them to support their entire body weight through only their hands. 


Our gym set-up is ever changing here at The Little gym Chiswick so as to challenge our members to know where their body is each week in navigating their way though a different environment, and challenging their propreoceptive sense in countless different ways!


October Open House Event!


We're excited to announce our second Open House event this season! It will be held on Saturday 27th October from 9am-1:30pm. If you missed our first Open House back in August, we'd love to invite your little ones along to our October event for lots of giggling and growing in the gym!


There will be a chance to experience a taster of our award-winning child development classes, and enjoy lots of friendly chats over coffee and tea after class.


Spaces are limited. Call now or book online here. Bookings are essential:
9:00am -- 'Beasts' for 19-30 months
9:45am -- 'Super Beasts' for 30-36 months
10:30am -- 'Birds' for 10-18 months

11:30am -- 'Funny Bugs' 3-4 years

12:30pm -- 'Giggle Worms/Good Friends' 4-5 years


The Open House is free and designed for those who have not yet attended an Open Day or tried our  programme before. Call 02089943729, email or book online here. Places are limited!




As a thank you for joining us on this fabulous day we have an exclusive offer just for you.....

Enrol in classes on the day and get 2 classes free!


We look forward to welcoming you and your little one into out The Little Gym Chiswick family!


Member Benefits



If you've heard of The Little Gym before then you might know that we offer non-competitive developmental gymnastics to children aged 4 months - 12 years old. You might assume that if you sign up for classes at The Little Gym your child will develop new skills and confidence, they'll master forward rolls and cartwheels, but the benefits don't end there. Just as there's more to a handstand than meets the eye, there's a lot more benefit to your membership than initially meets the eye too!


But did you know that being a member means so much more. We wanted to put together a list of all the things included in your annual family membership! As well as allowing your children to attend amazing classes it entitles you to:


Cancellation/Make-up policy - There aren't many children's activities that offer this service and we pride ourselves on it. When you sign up for classes with us you pick a regular class and come once a week. But we know how tricky things can be and that sometimes things just don't go to plan. That's why with us, if you need to miss/cancel a class with us you can switch your regular class for a different one that week or make it up at another point in the year. You can do this as often as you need to with us in Chiswick and therefore hopefully not miss out on any of the serious fun! 


Additional Holiday Practice Sessions - Available to anyone who comes to classes for age groups 3 and upwards and has a membership with us.  These are sessions designed to offer your little one extra time, outside of classes to practice skills/spotting techniques with your little ones. These sessions are supervised by an instructor but not as structured as our regular classes. For our Parent Child members we will be running Tumble & Tea sessions through the week. These classes happen on Mondays and Wednesdays at 11AM and on Tuesdays at 14:15. It's a great opportunity to have more focused time on any particular skills you as parents would like to know how to spot, or for the older children it's a great to time to have more attention working on a particular skill. With every session spent at The Little Gym, your child is gaining confidence and refining skills, and of course having Serious Fun. These sessions will also be available for siblings too!


Generous Discounts - With your membership you get discounts on birthday parties and seasonal camps. You save yourself £50 on birthday parties and £6 on camps! 


FAMILY Membership - Your membership covers your whole family. Whether you have 1 or 5 children, you only pay the one membership. And if you have a family of 4 children and just one is enrolled in classes with us, your other children can still benefit from your member benefits such as discounted camps and birthday parties, as well as access to special Member events too!


Member Only Events - Every year we run a number of events that are only available to those with membership.


Flexible Enrolment - As well as our cancel/make-up policy you can also change your regular class at any point during the year. If your circumstances change, or we feel your little one is ready for the next class we can move them around whenever needed. You're not tied in to the same class forever!


Complimentary Teas/Coffees - Sometimes you just need a sit down and a cuppa. Well if you bring your little one to class and it's been a hard day you will be happy to know we offer complimentary teas and coffees which you enjoy in either of our viewing areas while you watch your little one thrive and have fun! We've got toys and books to keep siblings entertained too as well as a range of magazines to read.



Great Community of parents - People come for gymnastics and leave with friends. We have so many parents who regularly stay after class to have lunch with us. Lots of people meet friends for life through us too which is lovely to see.


If you would like to know more about The Little Gym Chiswick and what we offer or would like to join us for classes don't hesitate to give us a call on 02089943729 or email us on  

Spooky Spectacular Monster Bash Disco


Summer seems like a distant memory and the October half term is fast approaching. If you are looking for a fun filled Halloween themed afternoon for your little one to enjoy, here at The Little Gym Chiswick we have it covered! On Friday 26th from 2pm - 4pm we will be hosting a Monster Bash Disco for 3-8 year olds.

There will be lots of activities for the children including pumpkin decorations, dance competitions, halloween arts and crafts, as well as a host of spooky spectatular games and challenges for children and parents a like. Parents are welcome. We will make sure you are catered for too, we know you will want to boogie as much as your little ones. 

Of course costumes are welcome, the best dressed may even get a prize and do not worry about snacks we will provide refreshments.

If you are keen to secure a space in our Monster Bash disco, please call on 02089943729. Tickets are £20 and spaces are limited!


October Half Term Camps 2018




Back by popular demand!


We have now finalised our October half term camp schedule and its gonna be gruesomely great!


Our theme of the week will be Witches, Wizards and Dragons and dress up is highly recommended of course. Who will be the best dressed Halloween little gymnast?!


With camps for children from 3yrs all the way up to 12yrs, what more could you want this October?


  • For our young ones our Super Quest Camps for ages 3-8 will be full of Halloween themed activities and games, as well as some creepy crafts to make and take home too.


  • For our older children aged 5-12 our Skill Thrill Camps will provide them with exciting skills to work on and master before coming back to class after the half term break. Creepy Cartwheels and Freaky Flips to name a few!


  • Dance Camps this Halloween are going to be off the charts too! From learning the Monster Mash dance moves to practicing beautiful technique and having fun with our professionally trained dance instructors, our little dancers will have the best boogie on down this half term.


  • And don't forget about Karate Camps too! Our Master Teacher Sean has some great Ninja Dragon kicks and wicked chops to teach us this autumn break. For some new karate skills, precision practice and of course #seriousfun don't miss these!


Members prices from £42 and non-members from £48


To see a full schedule of October Half Term Camps click here.

BOOK NOW by calling 02089943729 or email



Chat with Carla! at Tumble & Tea



On Monday we had our first 'Chat with...' in our Tumble & Tea session with our good friend, and qualified paediatric Occupational Therapist, Carla. It was a tremendous hit with our members and of course we wanted to let you know all about it!


Whilst the little ones had fun playing with Teacher Pippa our parents had the option to sit down with Carla and talk about all things OT! She was able to take us through what an OT is, how they work with children specifically, and why The Little Gym is so great for our children's development, both physically and mentally! We then opened up the floor (or gym!) for any questions and let the parents take the rains with asking what they were curious about most. 


         Did you know that when a child comes to The Little Gym and swings on the bars, they are not only having tonnes of fun but also developing their grip and shoulder strength. This strength helps hugely when they start learning to write and hold their pencil correctly in school?!


We have had such great feedback from the attending members and are very excited about the next session!


Every few weeks we will be hosting more 'Chat with...' sessions during Tumble & Tea, with Carla and  many other great professionals. Each session will be very different to the last and we will be releasing information on dates, times and with who each one will be very soon via our Social Media pages. Suggestions welcome too!


For more information about our Tumble & Tea and 'Chat with...' sessions please check out our blog, send us an email to or feel free to give us a call on 02089943729!


Carla is a London-based Children’s Occupational Therapists (OT) with both private and NHS experience in helping children between the ages of 0 – 18 years achieve their full potential at school/nursery and home, as well as in play and recreation. She believes knowledge is power and often provides training to parents and teachers to help broaden their knowledge of what an OT does and the reasons behind their treatment plans. It is important for parents and teachers to know the foundation skills needed to perform certain tasks and what to look for in order to identify possible causes of difficulties so that they can act on them immediately.

To read more about her services please check out her website here!


Open House Weekend 2018





Curious to know what The Little Gym is all about? Or trying to understand the real world benefits of The Little Gym?


The Little Gym Chiswick is opening its doors for a special FREE open house event! See our gorgeous 2 storey purpose built facility with 2 Gymnasiums and a sprung floor dance studio, whilst meeting our enthusiastic team of instructors. Experience the magic of The Little Gym curriculum during special taster classes of gymnastics, dance and karate. The mornings taster classes will be dedicated to our little ones aged 4months to 4 years and we then welcome the 5-12 year olds to take part in our special SKILLS WORKSHOPS in the afternoons so that everyone can witness our unique approach to skill growth and our UNIQUE TEACHING style whilst having the time of their lives!


At The Little Gym we teach fundamental motor skills in a progressive way, so your child learns at an age appropriate pace, laying the foundation for a lifetime of success. Best of all, your child will take what they learn - everything from coordination and strength to confidence and independence - far beyond The Little Gym walls. Into your home. Onto the playground. And, into the classroom.


 Open House offers on the day!

Enroll on the day to benefit from these exclusive Open House offers...

For our under 3's, enrol on the day and receive a £50 birthday party voucher, a fabulous Little Gym t-shirt and a teddy!

For all of our over 3's, enrolment on the day gives you a holiday club voucher, a Little Gym kit bag and a teddy!

Additional Open House offers: 
Enrol in 2 classes per week and get your 2nd class half price!
Choose gymnastics dance or karate.


On Friday 7th September during the morning will be our parent and child taster classes. These will be short half an hour classes aimed to give you the best sense of how a Little Gym class works, AND you’ll learn tonnes of new skills too!

9:30-10AM BEASTS (19-30months)
9:30-10AM BUGS (4-10months)
10-10:30 AM SUPER BEASTS (2.5 - 3.5yrs)
10-10:30 AM BIRDS (10-18months)
10:30-11AM BEASTS (19-30months)
10:30-11AM BUGS (4-10months)

Later on in the day we will be running some 45 minute sessions for our slightly older friends from aged 3 and up. As well as taster gymnastics classes we have a few of our dance classes to try out too!

11-11:45AM FUNNY BUGS (3yrs)
13:15-14PM FUNNY BUGS (3yrs)
15-15:45PM JAZZY BUGS (Dance 3yrs)
16-16:45PM GIGGLE TOES (Dance 4yrs)


On Saturday 8th September another day of full of fun ensues! With our parent and child taster classes in the morning and gymnastics and karate later on in the day, you’ll absolutely not want to miss it!

9:30-10AM BEASTS (19-30months)
Sep 9:30-10AM BUGS (4-10months)
Sep 10-10:30AM SUPER BEASTS (2.5-3.5yrs)
Sep 10:30-11AM BEASTS (19-30months)
Sep 10:30-11AM CHOPSTICKS (Karate 4-6yrs)
Sep 11-11:30AM BIRDS (10-18months)
Sep 11-11:30AM CHOPPERS (Karate 6-12yrs)
Sep 11:30-12:15AM FUNNY BUGS (3yrs)
Sep 12:15-13PM GIGGLEWORMS (4yrs)
Sep 13-13:45PM CARTWHEEL WORKSHOP (5-12yrs)
13:45-14:30PM HANDSPRING WORKSHOP (5-12yrs)



To book your place please fill in the information on the link here. Limited spaces available. If you have have more than 1 child to register, please fill out a separate form for each child. 

See you there!


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FREE! Tumble & Tea sessions for our under 3's


On the back of the huge success of our weekly summer Tumble&Tea sessions and in line with the new government guidelines on how much exercise kids need, we have decided to continue with EVEN MORE Tumble & tea sessions for under 3's from the 10th September.

What does this mean for you?

On top of your weekly class you are welcome to join in up to 3 Tumble & tea sessions each week! We only ask that you pre-book by emailing, calling or texting us.

When? -- These sessions will take place on a Monday and Wednesday at 11:00-12:30, and on a Tuesday at 15:00-16:30.


On top of all the physical benefits your child will receive we also understand the need for you as a parent to find a safe place to come and socialise with other parents AND share experiences!


Did you know?

Current NHS guidelines suggest that our babies should be allowed to be active and moving throughout the day, every day! With movements like reaching, grasping, pulling, pushing and constantly moving their limbs suggested, where else could be better than The Little Gym?! For our toddlers, guidelines suggest that being physically active for at least 3 hours a day is essential for their development.

        “These 180 minutes can include light activity moving around, rolling and playing, as well as more energetic activity like skipping, hopping, running and jumping. Active play, such as using a climbing frame, riding a bike, playing in water, chasing games and ball games, is the best way for this age group to get moving.” For a link to the NHS article click here.


Tumble and Tea gives you so many more opportunities for developmental play and is even more fun that makes your membership at our The Little Gym the best value yet.  We are thrilled to give you more reasons to come to our gym every week. Members enrolled in our new season will have the opportunity for SERIOUS FUN 4 times a week!


Every Tumble&Tea Club is 1.5hrs long, includes supervised free play in the gym, refreshments in the lobby PLUS special invites and opportunities for child development/parenting experts to chat to us.


So, attend 1 class per week & come along to 1 or all 3 Tumble&Tea clubs, as you wish!


See our timetable online. Open to members enrolled in a parent/child class only. Pre-booking essential. Reserve your space in class NOW!

Summer Camps Week 4



We are now officially half way through summer! Can you believe it?!

Its definietley a summer of fun here at The Little Gym Chiswick, and we still have a few spaces left so give us a call to book in now!


Super Quest Camps

(Monday Am & Pm, Tues Am & Pm, Wed Am & Pm, Thurs Am & Pm, Fri Am)

Somersaulting Samurai:6th -11th August

Our super secret agent samurais will be testing their speed, braveness and power this week! We will meet the Ninja Dragon and a few secret agents along the way too! With Samurai challenges challenging our kids reactions we will complete the quest of the somersaulting samurai...Will you be able to spot their super sneaky skills by the end?!


Skill Thrill Camps

(Monday Pm, Tues Am)

Handspring Holiday: 6th-11th August

This Skill Thrill Camp is perfect for those kids who are ready to learn Handsprings Front and back)! It’s also great for those kids who have already learned Handsprings – but are ready for more advanced Handspring variations, i.e. Round-Off, Back Handsprings; Round-Off Back Handspring-Back Handspring; and more! A three hour “Handspring Bonanza”! What could be more fun? This is also perfect for those kids who have learned their handstand – and are ready to move to the next step – a “Front Handspring”! This camp is also great for kids who can do this skill by themselves – but just need some repetition and practice to solidify their technique and confidence. This Front Handspring Holiday will also be an “Upper Body Fitness Test” of sorts – as handstands and front handsprings are a great way to exercise the muscles of the arms, shoulders, chest and back!


Karate Camp

(Thurs Am)

Somersaulting Samurai: 6th-11th August

A samurai needs to have respect, be responsible and of course know how to roll! Along with some special softy stick sword training, our little samurai will be spinning, jumping and rolling their way to success!



Dance Camps

(Monday Am, Thurs Pm)

Terrific Tango:

The Cha Cha, the Macarena, the conga and the tango! How many styles of fast paced ballroom dance can you name?! We’re on a mission to learn some moves from these latin american dance styles as we travel through South America - dancing all the way! Working all together as a group our dancers will work on combining moves to create a dance to show off all their new skills.

The Little Gym hits it Big Time!



Our friends at TLG Cambridge have hit the big time, with a slot on ITV!


Here's a link...


All The little Gyms a cross the world offer the same core programmes but HERE at Chiswick we are able to offer double the fun for more age groups with 2 fully equipped gyms and a dance studio. Our holiday clubs on offer range from gymnastics, dance and karate and our fully air conned facility. 


The themes of our camps change every week and we offer a different lesson plan every day to allow kids to come to one or plenty camps per week. Little one's go on different "quests" each week whilst learning not only basic gymnastics, dance or karate skills but we also help them develop emotionally and socially through our 3-dimensional learning approach. All our clubs for 3-8 year old's will include snack time (we provide fresh fruit and drinks) as well as Brain boost time. During this time we instructors help facilitate games. lego, puzzles, arts and crafts, dress up to name but a few.


For the older kids from 5-12 we offer very specific skills training camps whether they are attending the gymnastics, dance or karate camps. The 3 hour camp slots allow us plenty of time to really get to grips with the "nitty gritty" of skills or technique of dance moves and to progress it when appropriate.


We are able to offer lots of individual instruction and attention as our ratios are small 7:1. Our very own qualified instructors lead all our camps.


In the summer we are also able to offer pay as you go classes for hourly sessions. This will be in the format of a The little Gym class. Or you can even buy a "summer bundle" and come to as many classes as you like over the summer. This is great for our under 3's specifically where we have such a small window to develop not only all the physical and motor skills but also all our senses that needs stimulation, regulation and development on a daily basis to set us up for learning!


For our Under 3's we are also including a Tumble and Tea Party as part of the 'Summer Bundle' package! This a 1 and a half hour session for children and their grownups to explore the gym, make new friends, ask the teachers anything and everything that they'd like and of course have fun! Our fully trained instructors will also be on hand to show some skills to give a go!


We are still taking bookings fir both our Camps and Classes for all age groups so CALL NOW on 02089943727 to reserve your spot, and have the best summer ever at The Little Gym Chiswick!

Summer Camps Week 3



Week 3 is almost here! Can you believe we are nearly half way through summer?!

Its definietley a summer of fun here at The Little Gym Chiswick, spaces are booking fast so give us a call to book in now!


Super Quest Camps

(Monday Am & Pm, Tues Am & Pm, Wed Am & Pm, Thurs Am & Pm, Fri Am)

Jungle Mania: 30th July - 4th August

Gerty the Good-Mannered Gorilla is the leader of the “Good Manners Club”. In their quest to become honorary members of the Good Manners Club, the Super Kids must complete a series of Good Manner tasks and challenges. These Good Manner tasks will not only challenge the Super kids’ social skills, they will challenge their gymnastics skills, ball handling and cooperation skills, too! Our Super Kids will also venture into Hullabaloo Zoo – the biggest Baby Animal Zoo in the land! Each day the Super Kids will be presented with a “secret clue” that they will use to work together and find a chosen baby animal!


Skill Thrill Camps

(Monday Pm, Tues Am)

Vaulting Volcanoes: 30th July - 4th August

Vaulting is one of the most fun and exciting events in gymnastics! What other event allows you run AS FAST AS YOU CAN and LAUNCH into the AIR! The speed and height involved in vaulting skills also presents some interesting challenges – like body control and self-confidence! This camp will help your gymnast learn to “tap into” and apply their speed and power into their vaulting skills! Whether it’s learning a squat-on vault or perfecting a Front Handspring vault, this camp will get them “springing” to new heights!


Karate Camp

(Thurs Am)

Secret Agent 'Gyms' Bond: 30th July - 4th August

A secret agent must be strong, self-disciplined and stealthy. During this camp we are putting our agents to the test with imaginative missions, adventures and plenty of action all around the world!


Dance Camps

(Monday Am, Thurs Pm)

Dance with me in NYC: 30th July - 4th August

This week our little dancers are travelling across the concrete jungle to learn how Hip-Hop Dance evolved and we will use our imaginations to do just that! We will be working out how to isolate different parts of our bodies and maybe even trying a bit of break dancing! Bring your little one to this fabulous Dance Camp and they will leave being the coolest dancer in town!

Summer Camps week 2



Week 2 is fast approaching so who's ready for Warrior Week?!

Its going to be a summer of fun here at The Little Gym Chiswick, spaces are booking fast so give us a call to book in now!


Super Quest Camps

(Monday Am & Pm, Tues Am & Pm, Wed Am & Pm, Thurs Am & Pm, Fri Am)

Warrior Week: 23rd July - 28th July

This Skill Thrill camp is all about power and strength! Focusing on all of the muscle power that every kid needs to become the ultimate Gymnastics Warrior, we will really work on all of our core skills to improve strength and stability. Handstands, Cartwheels and Rolls these are the most important skills to really perfect, and we can then use these to practice the bigger more impressive skills which make a warrior so great! Whether it’s a super back handspring or a back flip off the beam this camp will create our own little Warriors!


Skill Thrill Camps

(Monday Pm, Tues Am)

Cartwheel Workshop: July 23rd - 28th

This Skill Thrill camp is all about power and strength! Focussing on all of the muscle power that every child needs to become the ultimate Gymnastics Warrior, we will really work on all of our core skills to improve strength and stability. Handstands, Cartwheels and Rolls these are the most important skills to really perfect, and we can then use these to practice the bigger more impressive skills which make a warrior so great! Whether it’s a super back handspring or a backflip off the beam this camp will create our own little Warrior Pack!


Karate Camp

(Thurs Am)

Warrior week: July 23rd - 28th

A camp to awaken the warrior inside us all! Working on strength training and super skills, we will help to teach your little one what they need in life to be a strong, confident warrior!


Dance Camps

(Monday Am, Thurs Pm)

The Magic of Musicals:

If your child loves to leap and twirl about the living room, then perhaps it's time to dance on over to The Little Gym. Our Musical Dance Camp offers the best of both worlds, the kids get to dabble in ballet, tap and creative movement in our dance studio as well as learning and mastering the acrobatic and gymnastics skills that any Musical Theatre dancer needs in our upstairs gym right opposite our dance studio.

Summer Camps Week 1


Here's the low down on what will be going on at the gym next week in our first week of Summer Camps! Its going to be a summer of fun here at The Little Gym Chiswick, spaces are booking fast so give us a call to book in now!


Super Quest Camps

(Monday Am & Pm, Tues Am & Pm, Wed Am & Pm, Thurs Am & Pm, Fri Am)

Dragons, Unicorns and Castles: 16th-21st July

The Super Kids are first challenged to find the Dragon’s Lair! Then, the PARTY begins! They will be finding all sorts of creatures in this outrageously fun adventure! Games, challenges and skills will make this Dragon, Unicorn and Castle camp a Quest to remember! “Float away on the Giant Lily Pad”, “Climb across the “Twisted Tree Bridge” and “Spend the night in Pine Cone Cave”! These are just a few of the fun, physical, cooperative and imaginative challenges that await your child as the Super Kids work together to find the “Rainbow Castle”! Theme-related music, activities and games will lead our Super Kids to the completion of this fun-filled quest!


Skill Thrill Camps

(Monday Pm, Tues Am)

Warrior Pack: 16th-21st July

This Skill Thrill camp is all about power and strength! Focussing on all of the muscle power that every child needs to become the ultimate Gymnastics Warrior, we will really work on all of our core skills to improve strength and stability. Handstands, Cartwheels and Rolls these are the most important skills to really perfect, and we can then use these to practice the bigger more impressive skills which make a warrior so great! Whether it’s a super back handspring or a backflip off the beam this camp will create our own little Warrior Pack!


Karate Camp

(Thurs Am)

Neat Ninja League: 16th-21st July

The Neat Ninja League will be a fun day of obstacle courses, movement challenges and basic self defence training to help your little ninja on their journey through life!


Dance Camps

(Monday Am, Thurs Pm)

All About Africa: 16th-21st July

As our journey begins around the world of dance the first stop is the rhythmic land of Africa! Where our Founder Robin Wes is from...I bet you didn’t know TLG started in South Africa! Our Super Dancers will be traveling across the Jazzy Jungle and past the Tapping Tribes. For some tap, creative dance and even a few traditional african dance moves our little dancers will have a whole world of fun!

Another Happy Birthday!


untitled (501 of 896)

Our birthday parties are a really special occasion here at The Little Gym, and taking each families ideas to create unique and individual experiences is something we pride ourselves on. This week we had some more amazing feedback from a Birthday Party here at The Little Gym Chiswick!



With such happy smiles as the family left the gym we just had to share some of their lovely words with you...



"Hanna-Louise and her colleague looked after us so well! I especially wanted to put through a word of recommendation for Hanna-Louise who helped me with all the party prep before hand and both the party organisers helped us pack our leftovers while clearing up when all the guests had left.


Just having those extra pair of hands has meant I didn’t drop dead from exhaustion!


The gym session needless to say was a total success which toddlers enjoyed all the way...the teachers met each of my requirement with patience and expertise, delivering an overall very happy experience. 


I will recommend a little gym birthday party in a heartbeat. Thank you all so much for providing such a memorable day. "



We still have party slots available to book for July, August and beyond so do give a call for more information and to secure your spot for a birthday party to remember!


The Little Gym Chiswick Team 



A lovely Birthday Bash Testimonial from one of our members; The Ealing Mummy

untitled (682 of 896) (1)


Parents are you looking for a hassle-free party venue that takes the stress out of organising you child’s birthday party, while at the same time provides an experience that your child and their friends will love? Well, look no further, I can highly recommend The Little Gym of Chiswick.


One of the best things for me was that my Daughter’s party was held in a private area that was purely for the use of our guests. Over the years we have held parties in other venues and I have always found that I didn’t like the fact that any member of the public could potentially walk into our party. At The Little Gym Chiswick your party will take place on the second floor of the building.


The games and activities will take place in the air conditioned fully equipped gym. While a separate room opposite will be set up for the party food and cake. You will also have full use of tea and coffee making facilities, plus there is an area in-between the two rooms where parents can sit and relax, while they are able to view their children having fun at the same time! It is the best of both worlds.


From the minute we arrived at the gym we were introduced to our two friendly teachers who would be organising and running the party for us. The room for our party food was set up for us with helium balloons, tables and chairs, plus party plates and cups. All we had to do was to bring the food and the birthday cake!


Once our little guests started to arrive they were directed to the gym and the fun commenced! The two teachers organised games and gym activities that were age appropriate for my Daughters friends. As I watched through the glass windows I was delighted to see how much fun they were all having!


The party session is made up of time in the gym, the birthday food and cake and then it was back to the gym to burn of some more energy, before our guests left. The feedback I got from the other parents was really positive. They said that their children had a brilliant time. They found the party to be very well organised and the staff to be friendly and welcoming. They were also impressed with the amount of space available and that the facilities were very clean too!


After the party we literally packed away my Daughter’s gifts and The Little Gym staff dealt with the tidying up. I left feeling so pleased that my Daughter had a wonderful party with her friends and I wasn’t stressed one bit. My Daughter is already asking if she can have her party at The Little Gym Chiswick next year!


All images were taken by Pam Wade Photography. Pam specialises in family and child photography. You can find out more about her on her website:


Joanne Szczyglowski writes a local blog called The Ealing Mummy. You can find her blog at you can also follow her on social media:


Facebook @TheEalingMummy

Twitter @TheEalingMummy

Instagram @theealingmummy


Back Handspring Bonanza!!


On Saturday 9th June from 3.30pm - 6.30pm we will be running a Back handspring camp (3-8 year olds) for all those keen gymnasts wanting to learn and add another fab gymnastics skill to their repertoire. 


Whether it is your 1st back handspring or your 100th back handspring we will have a challenge appropriate for you. 


For 3 and 4 year olds the camp will ensure they get a chance to practice their upside down skills, upper body weight baring activities and have a go at the whole skill over one of our fun rocker and rollers, perfect size for these guys


For our 5-8 year olds this camp gives them a chance to practice and perfect their back handsprings using a speciality equipment designed to help progress.


Not only is a back handspring a fun gymnastics skill its also a perfect addition to your football goal scoring routine.


Give us a call to secure your space on 02089943729.




Burn off that extra half term energy and bring your kids to our Saturday Cartwheel Camp



This Saturday (2nd June 2018) from 3.30pm - 6.30pm we are running a one off, end of half term cartwheel crazy workshop for any 3 - 8 year olds looking for some last minute fun.


Why cartwheels?


The humble cartwheel is pure currency in the playground, so why not give your little one a head start and send them our way this Saturday. We plan on spending the best part of 3 hours covering all bases (and abilities) in guiding your children through a safe and nurturing cartwheel workshop. If not taught correctly, cartwheels can feel a little daunting. Fear of falling, fear of being upside down, fear of embarrassment when it doesn't quite go right are all real set backs. However in our purpose build facility with all it's padding and protections, they can leave those worries at the door. 


For the lucky ones who can already cartwheel, we will work on some 1-handed and no-handed cartwheels progressions too! Something for every skill level.


We only have 14 available spaces, so be quick to call see how 3 hours can change not only your little one's physical capabilities, but also their confidence and self belief.


PLEASE CALL on 02089943729 for book your space

Members Price = £42

Non-members price = £48


Refreshments provided to quench the thirst of the hard working "cartwheelists"


We can't promise olympic gymnasts but we can promise an afternoon of progress and fun!










Classes continue as usual during Half Term as well as NEW Half Term Camps......

Due to high demand we will be running some last minute May half term holiday camps next week from the 29th - 31st May. 


Put on your super cape... its time for an adventure! On Tuesday and Wednesday of next week we have 2 Super Quest camps full of exciting creative missions, where boys and girls will exercise their muscles, imaginations and cooperation skills - working together to complete a different quest each day...

Tuesday 29th May 9.30m - 12.30pm (3-8 years) SUPER HEROES (costumes welcome)

Wednesday 30th May 9.30am - 12.30pm (3-8 years) SUPER HEROES (costumes welcome)


Front handsprings on the floor? Front handsprings off the beam or vault? The Little Gym Chiswick's Skill Thrill Camp on Thursday 31st of May will take your child's gymnastics to the next level. Its the perfect combination of fun, skill-building and success for you thrill seekers and there are no pre-requisite skills required for this camp....

Thursday 31st May 12.30pm - 3.30pm (5-12 years) FRONT HANDSPRINGS



3 hour camp for members = £42

3 hour camp for non members = £48


Refreshments will be provided. 


SPACES ARE LIMITED so please do call to book on 020 8994 3729.






We are super excited to be hosting a weekly Tuesday afternoon "Tea Club" for all our under 3 MEMBERS who are booking into our summer special deal (7 weeks of classes - attend as many as you like at the reduced rate of £135 if you book before the 25th of May). As well as benefiting from attending as many classes as you like throughout the summer, why not join us for our afternoon tea club with supervised play and yummy refreshments all while making friends and learning a few new gymnastics skills.


CALL NOW on 0208 994 3729 to take us up on this exclusive offer!



Did you know we have 7 Senses?!



As most people know we have 5 well-known senses which help us to navigate our world as we grow and develop into adults...

 touch, taste, sight, smell and sound


But did you know about the extra 2? They are two of our more internal working senses.



*Vestibular Sense

Our vestibular system is located in the inner ear, which is one of the most protected parts of the brain. It helps us to equalise our bodies after being dizzy or disoriented, which can happen quite a bit when we are learning gymnastics skills that require us to be upside down! Once developed It lets us know whether it is us, or our surroundings that is moving and in which direction.

So in short... it helps us balance!


Fun Fact: This sense is one of the first to develop even before we are born, yet it is the one that takes the longest to develop over our childhood and even into adulthood.


We can really challenge this sense by making ourselves dizzy on purpose. By purposely feeling dizzy our body learns how to right that funny feeling, and the more we do it the faster we learn and are able to react and right that wobbly feeling!



*Proprioceptive sense

Our proprioceptive sense helps us to understand which body part is what and where in space we are. The more body part awareness we have, the more our body is coordinated during movements and skills, and the more automated a movement can become. Did you know our young ones between the ages of 0 and 2 begin to slowly discover their body visually. By seeing their hands and feet as they start to move, this allows them to become aware that those hands and feet belong to them!


Here at The Little Gym we challenge and develop this sense by doing activities that identify different body parts as we move and learn skills around the gym. This encourages development in all skills, whether that's in the gym or for at home!

The Importance of repetition in learning for babies aged 4-10 months




This Week Randy McCoy (Programme Director of The Little Gym Worldwide!) gave us a great training session about how important repetition is for Bugs when it comes to learning and developing. (We use the name Bugs for classes for babies ages 4-10months)

It was so brilliant that we wanted to share it with all of you too!!


Our Bugs classes are all about getting the brain wired for learning. The Little Gym is the perfect place for your young ones to experience new things in a stimulating environment and then repeat them. This promotes brain growth and development!


Babies aged between 4 and 10 months need opportunities to repeat new experiences in order for the brain to grow and learn. By doing this the brain has the chance to grow new pathways and develop. When brain cells first connect, a synapse forms. This allows brain cells to exchange information. The more synapses the brain has the better it becomes at processing information, and the more efficient and connected it is.


Now, how hardwired these connections become depends on how much repetition the child experiences. At first the synapse and connection is weak after only the first experience of something, but the more repetition the child has the stronger and more hard-wired a movement becomes. The child can then eventually perform this movement without even thinking!



FUN FACT: Did you know that we actually have 7 senses?!



We have the usual 5 that most people know about – touch, taste, smell, sound and sight, but did you know about the extra 2? These are called our PROPRIOCEPTIVE and VESTIBULAR senses (Look out for our upcoming blog about these senses soon!).


So, activation of the synapses occurs when a child experiences something new through these 7 senses. For example…In a Bugs class:


Your Bug is crawling on a piece of equipment whilst constantly having to work out how to balance on their hands and knees, looking where they are going and also making sure that you as their parent aren’t too far away. With all this information they most likely will just continue off the end as they don’t yet know how to predict where the end is or how to stop! As instructors and parents, we take a hand on approach to actively help the child to problem solve as they go!



Don’t forget - The more new experiences your child has (like we provide at The Little Gym), the more opportunities the brain has for growth! And of course enhanced brain activity and efficiency will provide the foundation for more complex levels of learning in the future!