Did you know we have 7 Senses?!



As most people know we have 5 well-known senses which help us to navigate our world as we grow and develop into adults...

 touch, taste, sight, smell and sound


But did you know about the extra 2? They are two of our more internal working senses.



*Vestibular Sense

Our vestibular system is located in the inner ear, which is one of the most protected parts of the brain. It helps us to equalise our bodies after being dizzy or disoriented, which can happen quite a bit when we are learning gymnastics skills that require us to be upside down! Once developed It lets us know whether it is us, or our surroundings that is moving and in which direction.

So in short... it helps us balance!


Fun Fact: This sense is one of the first to develop even before we are born, yet it is the one that takes the longest to develop over our childhood and even into adulthood.


We can really challenge this sense by making ourselves dizzy on purpose. By purposely feeling dizzy our body learns how to right that funny feeling, and the more we do it the faster we learn and are able to react and right that wobbly feeling!



*Proprioceptive sense

Our proprioceptive sense helps us to understand which body part is what and where in space we are. The more body part awareness we have, the more our body is coordinated during movements and skills, and the more automated a movement can become. Did you know our young ones between the ages of 0 and 2 begin to slowly discover their body visually. By seeing their hands and feet as they start to move, this allows them to become aware that those hands and feet belong to them!


Here at The Little Gym we challenge and develop this sense by doing activities that identify different body parts as we move and learn skills around the gym. This encourages development in all skills, whether that's in the gym or for at home!


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Tue, Jun 12, 2018
Well i recently read an article on the best essay uk about something similar and this post really widens my view on the seven senses dilemma. i am totally convinced,. thanks for sharing