Feed your child’s brain!

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Let me introduce you to a new way of looking at your child’s behaviour and ability to learn. Did you know that we have 7 senses? Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, vestibular and the proprioceptive sense. You can think of these seven senses as food for the brain. It’s our senses that provide information to our mind and body. Think of jumping on a trampoline – the information you get from your feet, skin, eyes, ears, joints blends together to form the whole experience. Sensory information forms the underlying foundation for academic learning and social behaviour. Within every child, there is a drive to develop sensory integration.

They need to run, jump, roll, push, spin, swing and touch to develop new motor functions which will be the foundation for more complex thinking. Research indicates that today’s children do not move enough to get these sensory experiences so any opportunity you get, let them move and feed that brain!
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Carla McCall (Children’s Occupational Therapist)


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