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Got a big birthday to plan - we've got your back!


Our Birthday Bashes are flying off of the shelves like hotcakes (NB: please supply your own hotcakes). We know the kids love our gym - so you can imagine how much fun they'll have when its all theirs - to do their favourite activities with our amazing instructors.

Does your child want a pirate themed party? Or how about a princess theme? Dinosaur theme? Princess-dinosaur? Yep, we've literally done a princess-dinosaur themed party! Our instructors are pros at shaping the games towards the theme of your choosing - no matter how crazy it is! In fact, the crazier the better :)

The party will be private, so your child and birthday guests will have 100% of our attention. We handle all the details... you just show up with the children! For more information, just give us a call on 020 8994 3729

Happy Handstands!

A Special WOO HOO Welcome back to all of our smallest members


We are very excited to welcome our smallest members to the gym this season as we're offering brand new classes to compliment the Bugs programme (4-10 months).

NEW Bugs Boost classes are included in your membership so you can attend 2 classes every week. Twice the development opportunity, double the fun! If you've recently had a baby and are looking for an activity that promotes development and fitness (yours and theirs) in an intimate and nurturing environment where the coffee and post-class conversation is as valued as the class itself, call us now on 020 8994 3729.

Read more about the Bugs Boost class




A metaphor for life maybe... With unique classes that revolve around active play, programmes at The Little Gym complement the traditional school experience - even before kids are school aged! We give children a safe and inspiring space to direct their energy, take risks, build confidence and develop key skills. Enrol now at our The Little Gym and help your child jump, tumble, twist and turn towards new found health, focus and happiness.

It's our 10th birthday this September and we have much to celebrate!  We are proud to be FRANCHISE OF THE YEAR 2016/17 as well as the official No1 The Little Gym in the World (over 350 worldwide). We pride ourselves on providing the best experience to our members and their families; from teaching the best classes to making the best coffee! 


Our aim is to win our members continued commitment to their children's development through our programmes and teaching. We are of course available to answer any of your queries over the phone and email. Please feel free to leave us a voicemail (if we are unable to answer your call) on 0208 994 3729 or send us a email at to assist you with your enrolment.

The NEW SEASON starts on the 4th of September! Visit our website to see the class times that will suit you best.

Thank you to more than 900 families who have already enrolled in the new season.  We look forward to seeing you all next week. And if you haven't yet re-enrolled or you are considering The Little Gym Chiswick for the first time, please don't delay. Classes fill fast!

Enjoy the last week of Summer. Fall soon!






We are offering children under 4 years the chance to experience one of our new WONDERKIDS CLUB sessions for free this Autumn.

Enrol in to a gymnastics class for the new semester before the 26th of August 2017 and reserve your FREE place in a Tuesday morning WONDERKIDS CLUB. (Subject to availability)

What do you get when you cross a Nursery School morning with a The Little Gym class? A 3 hour Interactive session that combines the physical fun that the gym brings with educational activities, arts and crafts, story time, rhyming, singing and even some lego building fun!

We think it's the perfect combination, and a great way to help prepare 2 and 3 year old's for independence at school and in the gym. 

Our very own Little Gym instructors ensure that each child receives individual instruction in the gym to build skills and grow in confidence. The "3D learning" approach means that every session we offer fosters growth in three holistic dimensions: BRAIN BOOST, GET MOVING and LIFE SKILLS.

Click here to see more information and schedule: Wonderkids Club

Speak to one of our team now and let us show you how The Little Gym can help your little one grow into a well-rounded, well-adjusted child whilst having enormous amounts of fun!

Click below to see our full schedule brochure showing all classes in the new upcoming semester

Our schedule brochure Semester 1 September 4th - February 11th

This offer is for ONE FREE wonderkids club session, for members who enrol in to a class between 17th August to the 26th August, subject to availability, limited offer.



New members welcome this Autumn!

We are thrilled to unveil our new Season 17/18 schedule which begins September 4th with Semester 1.

New families will be pleased to hear we have expanded our class schedule and have new places available for every age group this year. And for the first time, we've included 2 weeks of camps in October so even if you are on holiday there's no need to try and fit in a make-up class. But if you've missed classes in the semester, October half term will be your opportunity to attend make-up classes and camps! Everyone's happy!!

Members not yet re-enrolled in the new season should call us on 020 8994 3729 as soon as possible since places are filling fast and we simply can't expand any further :)

Check out our schedule brochure! 

Teacher Naomi's New Adventure


The only experience that is as exciting as having a baby is being the friend of someone who is having a baby. So our news today is; we are having a baby! Not all of us, of course, but Teacher Naomi is pregnant! Woo-hoo!

As our dear colleague teacher Naomi and her partner get prepared to welcome their bundle of joy, we want to wish them all the best for this new wonderful chapter of their lives, and we look forward to welcoming 'baby pea' into our bugs classes by December. 

Show Week Pride - Gold medals all round!!
Show Week 2017! This year, more than 1000 children showcased their amazing skills and confidence in our big year end Show Weeks. And every one of them received a medal. Thanks to all of our member families for your continued commitment to your children's development through our programmes. It really is an honour to teach each and every one of them. Have a wonderful summer and see you in September (if not before!) PS: members, if you haven't yet re-enrolled for the new semester that begins on Monday 4th September, don't delay. We are filling classes with new members now - more than 100 new families have enrolled since Priority Enrolment.

The Good Ship Summer has launched this week with Pirate themed camps every day!

Ahoy their m'damp and miserable adventurers! We don't mind a little rain here at The Little Gym 'coz we've got FUN covered! Half day and full-day themed camps every week day available to book now. Five incredible weeks of skill-building fun whatever the weather. Book just 1 camp or a whole bundle to suit your holiday schedule. And we've got great classes running too as well as WONDERKIDS club for 2-4 year olds. See our camps schedule online or call us on 020 8994 3729. See you soon!!

Make a business out of making a difference

Make a business out of making a difference
Team up with The Little Gym Europe and become an owner of a franchise for children by bringing ‘Serious Fun’ to the children in your own community!

The Little Gym® prepares kids – and kids at heart – for life’s adventures. We promote growth in individuals, families and our communities by serving as a trusted partner on the journey of developing well-rounded, confident kids. You could be next!

We’re continuously looking for passionate and motivated entrepreneurs to join our family. Whether you’re looking to open a new location or are interested in an opportunity within an existing location, there are plenty of ways to become a The Little Gym® franchise owner.

Take the next step!  We make it easy to become a franchise owner to bring The Little Gym programmes to more children in more communities.  


3 Additional awesome birthday party slots


At your request, we have added 3 more birthday party slots!

Awesome Birthday Parties at The Little Gym gives your birthday child and their friends the full run of the facility, filling the celebration with instructor-led games, music and fun activities created especially for your birthday boy or girl. And you don’t have to worry about setup or cleanup, making it totally awesome for you too!


14:15 - 15:45
16:45 - 18:15

12:15 - 13:45
14:30 - 16:00
16:45 - 18:15

BOOK NOW by calling us +44 20 8994 3729, emailing us ( or just drop by.

Click here to download our awesome birthday party brochure

NEW! Karate ages 4-12


The most important self defense technique is self confidence and that’s exactly what your child will gain through The Little Gym Karate classes. The combination of karate and gymnastics adds a fun twist to the ancient martial art. Our unique gym environment helps children improve coordination, balance and agility while focusing on self control and concentration.


*Chopsticks (4 - 6 years): Tuesday from 15:45 to 16:45

*Choppers (6 - 12 years): Tuesday from 16:45 to 17:45

BOOK NOW by calling us +44 20 8994 3729, emailing us ( or just drop by.

Click here to download our karate brochure.

NEW! Wonderkids Club ages 2.5 - 4.5 years


WonderKids Club™ is a 3 hour preschool prep programme that extends The Little Gym experience with active learning and instructor led immersive play including arts and crafts projects and story time. Our immersive play and learning activities help prepare young children for success in school and beyond.

Naturally, all sessions at The Little Gym include a gymnastics class and Wonderkids Club is no different! Making full use of our brand new purpose built studio and fully equipped gymnasium upstairs, Wonderkids benefit from the excellent teaching from our team of nurturing instructors in a warm, safe and nurturing environment. 

Wonderkids will be available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am - 12pm. 

Children may attend as many or as few sessions to suit your schedule and your child's enthusiasm.

From £42 per session. 

BOOK NOW by calling us +44 20 8994 3729, emailing us ( or just drop by.

Click here to download our WonderKids Club brochure.

NEW! Tumblers ages 5-12


Co-ed programme for all skill levels that focuses primarily on building tumbling skills with a secondary emphasis on conditioning and fitness. The program is ideal for children interested in learning tumbling skills, as well those who wish to grow their skills in order to pursue other sports.


*Tumblers (5 - 8 years):

Monday 17:00 - 18:00

Wednesday 16:00 - 17:00

*Tumblers (9 - 12 years):

Monday 18:00 - 19:00

Wednesday 18:00 - 19:00

*Tumblers (5 - 12 years):

Tuesday 17:45 - 18:45

Friday 18:00 - 19:00

Saturday 11:15 - 12:15

BOOK NOW by calling us +44 20 8994 3729, emailing us ( or just drop by.

Click here to download our primary school gymnastics brochure.

NEW! Dance ages 3-12


If your child loves to leap and twirl about the living room, then perhaps it’s time to dance on over to The Little Gym. Our Dance program introduces children to ballet and tap while allowing them to express themselves through creative movement. Children spend half of the class refining their techniques—and the other half working on complementary dance and gymnastics skills in the gym. Coordination, balance, rhythm and grace improve as they tap, chassé, and leap with joy.


*Jazzy Bugs (3 - 4 years):

Monday 11:00 - 12:00

Thursday 15:00 - 16:00

Friday 11:30 - 12:30

Friday 15:00 - 16:00

*Giggle Toes (4-5 years):

Thursday 16:00 - 17:00

Friday 16:00 - 17:00

*Jazzy Bugs / Giggle Toes (3-5 years):

Sunday 10:30 - 11:30

*Jazzy Jets (6-12 years):

Thursday 17:00 - 18:00

Friday 17:00 - 18:00

BOOK NOW by calling us +44 20 8994 3729, emailing us ( or just drop by.

Click here to download our dance brochure.

The Little Gym Chiswick is expanding!

Chiswick _Team_1000mb

We've been listening to you, our 1000+ members, who have encouraged us to expand for a long time, and so this September, our The Little Gym will double in size to offer a 2nd fully equipped gym and separate dance studio in the upstairs space directly above our existing facility.

Exciting new programmes will include:

DANCE (3-12yrs)
Our Dance classes introduce children to ballet and tap while allowing them to express themselves through creative movement.

KARATE (4-12yrs)
Your child will learn fundamental karate blocks, punches and kicks in addition to gymnastics techniques in a positive, noncompetitive twist on this ancient martial art.

There will also be more space in our over-subscribed gymnastics classes and we will be introducing a new programme:

TUMBLERS (5-12yrs)
Coed class for all skill levels that focuses primarily on building tumbling skills with a secondary emphasis on conditioning and fitness.

WONDERKIDS (2 ½ - 4 ½ yrs)

An enrichment 3 hour program that extends The Little Gym experience with active learning, arts & crafts projects, story time, and creative play.

Your response has already been brilliant and we're all so excited to start building in July. You can follow our progress from the first brick to the big unveil here, by following our blog and Facebook page (add link). We'd like to thank our members for their support over the past 9 years and promise that we will continue to deliver the same high quality, confidence-growing teaching in every class, upstairs and downstairs!

Tracie & Marlene

Super Saturday of Sports

SS40 (1)
The Little Gym of Chiswick will once again be one of the showstoppers at this year's Super Saturday of Sport on Turnham Green. The event on July 16 will feature more than 40 different sports and activities for all ages and abilities to try. Super Saturday of Sport began in 2013 when Kirsten Lonsdale (a Little Gym mum) started the event to inspire people to be active and encourage the community to join local sports clubs and companies.

The event gets bigger every year and so does the Little Gym area! We literally have hundreds of kids rolling, flipping and bouncing on our equipment all day - fun and exhausting for everyone! Make sure you bring the family down to Super Saturday and say hi to the Little Gym Chiswick team!

Summer at The Little Gym of Chiswick

Children have an endless supply of energy and a natural desire to conquer the world. So how can you harness that sense of wonderment and adventure? During the school holidays, rain or shine, The Little Gym camps provide children with a fabulous variety of fun, activity, learning and creativity. Themed session that change every week in our unique learning environment, stimulate physical and motor-skill development and create opportunities for your child to try NEW things and build confidence. As your child grows and develops new physical skills, you will see noticeable positive differences with each new achievement, but your child will simply see The Little Gym as a place to have fun, laugh and make new friends.

Our OFSTED registered Super Kids Quest camps (3-8 years) led by our qualified and dedicated team of instructors run Monday to Friday mornings and Monday to Wednesday afternoons. You are free to book just one or every one! Book in all day (2 camps) and have a home cooked lunch included. Our Skill Thrill camps (5-12 years) run on Thursday afternoons and each camp is 3 hours long. We work on a different gymnastics skill every week. Members and non members welcome.

Feed your child’s brain!

DownTheCheese (1)
Let me introduce you to a new way of looking at your child’s behaviour and ability to learn. Did you know that we have 7 senses? Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, vestibular and the proprioceptive sense. You can think of these seven senses as food for the brain. It’s our senses that provide information to our mind and body. Think of jumping on a trampoline – the information you get from your feet, skin, eyes, ears, joints blends together to form the whole experience. Sensory information forms the underlying foundation for academic learning and social behaviour. Within every child, there is a drive to develop sensory integration.

They need to run, jump, roll, push, spin, swing and touch to develop new motor functions which will be the foundation for more complex thinking. Research indicates that today’s children do not move enough to get these sensory experiences so any opportunity you get, let them move and feed that brain!
More here.

Carla McCall (Children’s Occupational Therapist)

Get Up and Get Moving!


The times, they’re changing, and it’s becoming even more difficult to keep our kids engaged, happy, and well, out of our hair. I know I’m not alone when I say that I have used my friends: television, computer, and tablet as a distraction for my children when I need 30 minutes of peace.


As parents, we know it’s not always easy, but are kids being exposed to too much technology? According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children spend an average of 7 hours a day using media including television, computer, internet, video games, and cell phones. In an ever growing media driven world, it’s becoming even more important to make sure your child is getting active every day.


So, how can you encourage your child to get active? Show them that being active is fun! Exercise as a family by going for a nightly walk, jog, or having a family soccer game in the back yard. You can also get your children involved in activities outside of the home like The Little Gym to help them appreciate a healthy and active lifestyle for years to come. Whether you’re running, jumping, or tumbling, get moving with your child to build the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits!

Our Top 5 Family Dinners


You know how important it is that your kids eat a healthy dinner every night and we know how hard it is to get your kids to eat the food you want them to eat. If you’re tired of mac & cheese and frozen chicken nuggets, here’s a list of our top five healthy dinners that the whole family will enjoy.


  • Looking for a way to pump more vegetables into your kids’ diet? Let’s start with Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs. The spaghetti squash is packed full of nutrients. The recipe also includes a healthy amount of celery, carrots, and tomatoes all disguised in the sauce. If you want to make it even healthier, try trading the ground beef for ground turkey.
  • These Baked Southwestern Egg Rolls are stuffed full of healthy things like black beans, spinach, and corn. If you want to make them even heartier try adding some cooked chicken breast. These save so well you might even want to make a double batch so your kids can eat them the next night, too!
  • We love burgers! As a parent you’ll love these Ultimate Turkey & Black Bean Burgers even more because not only are they made with healthy ground turkey but there is also a serving of protein- and fiber-rich black beans in each one. Add some sliced avocado to really make it healthy to the max.
  • We love this recipe for Sesame Chicken Salad because it’s a little out of the ordinary and easy as can be. Your kids will love eating the carrots, snow peas, chicken and pasta, especially when they’re the ones who mix the peanut butter dressing.
  • Your family will beg you every week to make these Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers, a fun play on the traditional chicken pot pie. You’ll be surprised how easy it they are to make. This recipe calls for chicken breast, celery, and carrots, but don’t be scared to add other vegetables to the mix.

Happy eating!

Benefits of Chores


Do children need chores? According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, young children who are given household chores “build a lasting sense or mastery, responsibility and self-reliance.” And what parent doesn’t want that for their child?


The article also found that those who began chores around ages 3 and 4 were more likely to have positive relationships with their families, higher academic success and were also found to be more empathetic and responsive to others needs. Need we say more? Check out these 5 ideas for encouraging your child to help out around the house:


  1. Turn on some music while your child sweeps the kitchen or picks up their toys. Adding music to the mix will make doing chores more enjoyable for both of you.
  2. Kids love a good game – set a timer and motivate your kids to do their chore as fast (and efficient) as possible.
  3. Consider the way you approach chores – make it fun and let your child know that they are “helping” you by completing a certain task.
  4. Keep a chore chart - once your child has filled their chart let them choose a “prize” of their choice like staying up “late” on a weekend, ice cream with mom & dad, or a trip to your local children’s museum or zoo.
  5. Have fun with it. Making chores fun is the best way to encourage your child to complete their chores now and for years to come.


To read the full article, click here.

Nice Kids Finish First


The Little Gym helps kids develop social skills, which studies find may be the most important factor for long-term success.

Science has confirmed it: nice guys don’t finish last. At least not according to a new study which suggests that kindergarten students who display pro-social behavior may be more likely to graduate college and have steady jobs. The 20 year national study tracked more than 700 children from kindergarten through age 25. The researchers found that young children that scored highest in social competence skills, such as sharing, taking turns, and listening, were four times more likely to graduate from college than those who did not. The study also found that, in some cases, these types of social skills may be better predictors of future success than academic skills.

Positive social skills are something that can be learned and improved upon throughout childhood. Programs at The Little Gym help children grow and develop social skills in a fun environment that provides a different context for learning. Games are purposefully designed to enhance social development and the non-competitive environment encourages children to play with each other rather than against each other. Children learn to become more considerate of one another, more aware of the feelings of others, and more willing to work together for mutual benefit. These essential life skills help children learn how to interact in positive and socially acceptable ways which helps them become well-rounded little people so that, as research now confirms, they grow into well-rounded adults.

Oh where, oh where have our dear manners gone? Oh where, oh where could they be?


Good manners are not something that children will naturally pick up. Children need to be taught, reminded, and reminded again of the importance of having good manners.  Good manners help children become well-rounded adults. The trick is to teach your child manners that are age-appropriate so they are able to understand why manners are SO important!  Here are 6 manners that are at the top of our good-manners list.


  1. “Thank you” is a word that both parents and The Little Gym instructors cannot stress enough!  A simple thank you sends a powerful message of gratitude. When someone does something for you, gives you a compliment, gives you a gift, etc. it is important to always say thank you. When a child is old enough, a good practice is for children to write their own personal thank you notes when receiving a gift or spending time at a friend’s house. A written note goes a long way!
  2. “Please” or “the magic word”, is an important tool for children to get what they want. Please is a great manner to learn for even children who are not yet talking. If a child wants something it is important for them to use their manners by expressing ‘please’ and following it up with a ‘thank you’.
  3. “Excuse me” or “pardon me”, at a certain age children should learn not to interrupt adults when they are having a conversation. Rather, they should learn to wait their turn or say ‘excuse me’ or ‘pardon me’ if they need to interrupt. These phrases also work when in public and your child needs to get around a person who may be in their way, or when your child bumps into someone by accident. By using ‘excuse me’ or ‘pardon me’ your child will not only be heard but will be doing this in a positive manner.
  4. “Hello” and “goodbye”; Greetings and goodbyes are basic functions of communication. Beginning at a young age children should learn the appropriate way to address people when they enter and leave a room. Greetings and goodbyes are a great way to teach children how to interact with one another.
  5. Table manners; starting at a very young age children can learn table manners. Starting when children begin eating solid foods they are often re-directed when throwing or spitting food. This helps children learn what is acceptable and what is not. When children get a bit older it is important for them to learn basic table manners; knowing how to use your utensils, asking for things to be passed when they are out of reach, and asking to be excused when they are finished with their meals. Basic table manners follow children throughout their lives and helps parents enjoy their mealtimes as well!
  6. Be kind to others; it is important for children to learn how to be kind and positive. Teaching children that mean words and teasing is hurtful helps a child understand the importance of kindness.


Practice makes perfect – keep practicing and reminding your child of the importance of having good manners. Be repetitive, if your child does not say please then simply make them ‘say the magic word’ and they will begin to catch on! Often times role-playing is a great way to have your child experience the appropriate way to act in certain situations. Great manners go a long way and it is best to begin good practices at a young age!

Cold and Flu Myths

Cold and Flu Myths

It starts with a sniffle – next thing you know, the whole household is sneezing, coughing, and passing tissues. If you’re feeling confused about how to treat colds and the flu, you’re not alone. Separate the facts from the fiction and check out the top 3 cold and flu related myths.


Myth #1: The flu vaccine causes the flu: Getting a flu shot may cause symptoms that feel like the flu, but the viruses contained in the flu shots have been killed, or “inactivated.” which means they can’t cause infection. While there may be some achy side effects that can sometimes follow the flu shot, it just means your immune system is responding and processing the vaccine.

Myth #2: You’re more likely to get sick if you’re cold: Despite mom’s warnings that you should bundle up, being cold does not cause a cold. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, infections prevail in winter months because they are spread when more people stay indoors for longer periods of time and are in closer contact with each other.

Myth #3: Hugging and kissing are great ways to spread cold and flu germs: Cold and flu viruses like to enter the body through the nose or eyes, so a hug or a peck on the cheek isn’t likely to be dangerous. Don’t be afraid to give your sick child plenty of affection, and don’t worry that a kiss or hug will spread your germs to him (or vice-versa).


Many parents recognize The Little Gym as a safe and clean place in which to bring their children. We work hard to ensure each and every visit lives up to your expectations. Daily and weekly cleaning and sanitation helps keep our environment sparkly and keeps the germs away.  And if your child is feeling a little under the weather, our generous make-up policy allows you to attend a make-up class by simply calling us prior to the absence.

6 Ways to Build Confidence in Kids

6 Ways to Build Confidence in Kids

Parents are a child’s greatest influence. As a parent, there are many things you can be doing to establish and strengthen your child’s confidence. Here are 6 tips for strengthening your child’s confidence.


  1. Consider the compliments you give your child. Words of praise mean more when they refer to a child’s specific efforts or new abilities. Try using Specific Positive Feedback to focus on specific feedback rather than simply saying “Good Job”.
  2. Nurture your child’s special interests. Every child is unique, as parents and caregivers it is your job to help your children feel confident about those interests.
  3. Provide endless encouragement for your child. Your child will never forget the way you make them feel – that’s why it is important to be supportive of your child. Encourage them to reach for the stars!
  4. Do not label your child as anything – this may limit them and the way they feel about themselves as they grow.
  5. Extend trust in your child and let them make decisions.
  6. Focus on the glass half full – teach your child optimism. Teaching your child how to have an optimistic mindset will allow their confidence to shine!


Building self-confidence begins very early in life, it is important to set your child up for success. Use these simple tips to help your child become more confident. 

The Importance of Reading Aloud


It’s no secret that reading to your child is a good thing – but do you know the positive effects reading has on your child’s development now and in the future? According to a recent study in Time Magazine, reading at home with your child early and often activates the part of the brain that allows them to understand the meaning of language. The study also added that reading has been proven to expand a child’s vocabulary and helps to strengthen the bond between parent and child! Need we say more? Check out these four tips to help make reading together a daily habit:


  1. Read to your child in the morning when they wake up and each night before they go to bed. Setting aside special time to read together will help make this a daily routine you and your child will cherish forever.
  2. Keep books in every room throughout the house; in the bedroom, bathroom, living-room, and even in the kitchen! Exposure to books throughout the day will encourage your child to read more frequently.
  3. Introduce new books. Check out your local library and let your child explore all of the books they have to offer; your child will enjoy the ability to pick and choose new books each week.
  4. Most importantly, make reading fun! Create silly voices for different characters or actions; this will help keep your child’s attention and will even encourage a giggle or two!

Physical Activity can Boost a Child’s Attention, Memory, Self-control & Goal-setting


Everyone knows that physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that it can also go a long way toward children’s brain development? The results of several studies involving grade school children suggest that daily vigorous physical activity can greatly improve children’s development in areas such as a child’s attention, memory, self-control, strategies and goal-setting.


In general, these skills develop rapidly through the elementary school years and then develop at a slower pace during adolescence.[1] The more vigorous exercise a child gets, the more the development of these skills increases and is reinforced. Think of kids on the playground who learn that by pushing themselves to run faster, they can catch who’s “it.” Or consider children shooting hoops who learn that, though it may be frustrating when they miss, the more they practice, the more consistently they’ll make it.


One researcher suggests that:


…in a period when greater emphasis is being placed on preparing children to take standardized tests, these studies should give school administrators reasons to consider investing in quality physical education and vigorous activity programs, even at the expense of time spent in the classroom. Time devoted to physical activity at school does not harm academic performance and may actually improve it. [2]


So what can you do to help boost your child’s brain through exercise?


  • Train as a family for a charity run or walk
  • Celebrate special occasions—like birthday or anniversaries—with something active such as a hike, a basketball or soccer game or a bike ride.
  • Play tag, jump rope, dance, or even play a dancing video game.
  • Get Moving at your local The Little Gym


[1]Davis PhD, Catherine L, and Norman K Pollock Phd. "Does Physical Activity Enhance Cognition and Academic Achievement in Children? A Review." Medscape. (accessed February 6, 2014)

[2] Tomporowski, P.D., Lambourne, K., & Okumura, M.S. (2011). Physical activity interventions and children’s mental function: An introduction and overview. Preventive Medicine, 52(Suppl.1):S3- S9.

Pediatricians Call for Parent to Read to their Children Everyday


Do you read aloud to your child every day? After numerous studies have been conducted to measure the importance of reading aloud to children, The American Academy of Pediatrics announced a new policy in telling parents to read aloud to their children daily.


Reading, singing, and talking to your child starting at birth has a significant impact on your child’s literacy development. During the first three years of a child’s life their brain is like a sponge, soaking up information and growing at a faster rate than any other time in their lives. That is why it is important to begin conversing with your child to enhance that brain development, and to ultimately set your child up for a lifetime of success.


The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents to use the five R’s of Early Childhood Education to help boost your child’s development. The five R’s are;


  • Read together. Again – read aloud to your child EVERY DAY starting at birth. This will help with your child’s literacy development.
  • Rhyming, playing, talking and singing together.
  • Routines and regular times for meals, play, and sleep which allows children to know what they can expect and what is expected of them.
  • Rewards for everyday successes – praise is a great reward!
  • Relationships that are reciprocal, nurturing and enduring.


Reading aloud to your child daily has so many benefits that will help your child enhance their vocabulary and communication skills at a very young age. Use the 5 R’s of Early Childhood Education from The American Academy of Pediatrics to help give you ideas on how to boost your child’s development starting at birth.